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Responsible Fatherhood Research Network grant

The Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation within the Administration for Children and Families (OPRE) is soliciting applications for the establishment of a Responsible Fatherhood Research Network that will disseminate information about fatherhood practices through building research and practice knowledge and capacity; leading and supporting further development and evaluation of evidence- or theory-based interventions to increase positive father involvement; and increasing collaboration, knowledge sharing, and capacity building among investigators and practitioners.

Amount: $800,000/year for 5 years

Date due: August 2, 2013

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Head Start Research Grants

The Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation within the Administration for Children and Families (OPRE) invites applications for grants to support research examining the role that Head Start can play in promoting family well-being, including health, safety, financial security, and school readiness. Projects must be led by researchers working in partnership with one or more Head Start programs. Together, they will identify and evaluate promising dual-generation approaches, which combine intensive, high-quality, child-focused programs with intensive, high-quality, adult-focused services to support both parent well-being and children’s school readiness, within the context of Head Start.

Amount: $500,000/year for 5 years

Date due: 07/24/13

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NEH Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants

The Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants program awards small grants to support the planning stages of innovative projects that promise to benefit the humanities.  Proposals should be for the planning stages of digital initiatives in any area of the humanities.  Innovation is a hallmark of this grant category, which incorporates “high risk/high reward” paradigm.  NEH is requesting proposals that take some risks in the pursuit of innovation and excellence.  Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants should result in plans, prototypes, or proofs of concept for long-term digital humanities projects prior to implementation.

Award: $60,000

Date due: September 12, 2013

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